At UAC Insulation Contractors there are different options for attic insulation and we will cover the various ways such as blanket insulation, recycled insulation, fiberglass insulation and cellulose insulation.

Our trained technicians install blanket insulation wearing special clothing to protect them and provide you with the best installation. Recycled insulation is a better green alternative which Attic Insulation prefers to use. It’s a great non-itchy material that will make visiting your attic much easier. Cellulose insulation is considered recycled and it’s treated for fire and bug resistance.

Attic Insulation also uses mineral wool and this is made up from a mixture of rock and slag. It’s more expensive than other loose fill material but it does do a great job in insulating.  Fiberglass insulation generally comes loose and it is made up of sand and glass mix that’s combined together, it’s very effective to insulate with.

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Attic Insulation Cleaning unique service offering includes making sure there is 100% cleansing of the attic in which we will be conducting the installation.  Wall Insulation solutions to insulating your walls can be achieved with fiberglass rolled insulation; if your beams are exposed and the cavity space is free then this is the way to go; we can add a blown in wall insulation.

When our customers are currently living in the property we will advise on the blown insulation as it can be done with little disruption to the current home owner. We can blow in cellulose insulation to the wall cavity and this is done from inside or outside the home. We have to assess to see where would be best to achieve this and our trained insulation technicians will know exactly what to do. If we are installing the insulation in the home then we will make sure the furniture is covered in dust sheets and the area is looked after to contain any escaped dust. The normal practice is small holes will be drilled between the studs so the cavities can be filled up. Once the insulation is blown in the patching of the walls will be quickly dealt with, then it’s just a case of enjoying your new insulated home.

Wall Insulation Contractors are ready for your home or business to be insulated we will have our team come out and give you a free price quote and walk you through the insulation process. We are very competitive in our pricing and if you do find a company that will do it for less we will be more than happy to price match or try and even beat the price.

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